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Organic, Biodynamic & Permaculture

Choosing to be organic is a way of making a deep commitment to our future generations.  How will they understand and forgive us for our misuse of natural resources?  Our human race's current adolescent phase has caused significant damage to the soil, its biology, the water and its life giving qualities, and the atmosphere and its clarity and beauty. Our planet, especially in the great farm lands and fracking fields of our own state, are now heavily polluted with chemicals and electro magnetic frequencies (EMF) from over use of cell phones and other wireless technology.  Therefore, we have gone beyond organic to not only cause no harm in our process of living and ranching, but to include biodynamic which goes further than organic to repair the damage of chemicals and EMF’s.  

The process of organic/biodynamic is a mindful awareness that includes moon phases for proper planting times, harvesting, and even managing weeds.  It uses herbal and animal preparations for adding biological processes back into the soil and removing toxins such as roundup and aluminum from chemical trails in the atmosphere.  Although we are not experts of this process, we learn more each year and refine our skills for the next season. Biodynamic invokes a deep spiritual element to the gardens and pasture lands; this, in turn, is reflected in the care and mindfulness in which all animals and guests of the ranch are treated. 

Permaculture is a permanent form of agriculture that harmonizes the land use and restores it to a more natural state while giving the stewards over the land an opportunity to abundantly thrive with foods, water, crop, animal, and people harmonization.  Learning, understanding, and then, applying this third aspect of our ranch, permaculture, feels like the final and necessary step to fully enliven our grand plan of harmony.  We have the incredible Wayne Weiseman to thank for teaching us these skills, offering them as public courses, and then, with his design team, creating a full colored design map for our entire ranch property! Look forward to several more unique additions to the ranch.

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