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Earth Shelter


In 2009, Bessheen and her young sons embarked on a challenging journey: to design and partake in the building of a rather unique home and ranch.  We wanted to make use of the benefits of living in an earth sheltered home; it would be easier to heat and cool than a conventional house. If it were designed properly, it would offer space for the elders of the family, a tradition lost in the busyness of modern culture, and a way to truly be connected to the produce year round, and even the animals. 


Bessheen set out to create that cycle and with what she calls angelic inspiration, designed a 5-dome living system complete with a simple 3 bedroom home, a small efficiency home for her parents, a greenhouse the same size as the first home, a connector dome that would unite all the domes underground and lead to a dome that included a garage/workshop and barn.


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