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Tours and Volunteers

Upcoming Tours

We are pleased to offer private tours for cattle customers on an individual basis throughout 2023!

Spend quality time with us so we can match the right animals to your farm needs.  We are happy

to answer your questions from beginner to advanced.  Call Bessheen today to schedule your tour


Garden concepts and biodynamic tours are available on the volunteer schedule listed below. Please call so that we are prepared to meet your needs and education level. 



Learning to be a sustainable steward is now a hands-on experience! A hearty welcome is extended to all who wish to get back to basics. The Symbiosis Ranch, in partnership with the Naturopathic Community Center, offers sustainable living enthusiasts opportunities to volunteer to help with gardening, food preservation, animal husbandry, biodynamics, and sacred geometry.  There is no charge for these adventures. Please request to be put on the Symbiosis Ranch Volunteer List, and we will keep you updated of schedules and coming volunteer activities.  Please be prepared for your experience by packing a lunch, plenty of water, garden and/or work gloves, and closed toed shoes.  Bring hats and bug repellent at your discretion. 

April 29 & 30 - Time to Clean up the Garden, Prep the Grow Boxes, Spread a Ton of Wood Chips


May 6 & 7 - Mulch the Permaculture Trees and Bushes, Plant Berries, Grapes and Root Crops


May 13 & 14 - Stir and Spread Biodynamic Prep on the entire farm and gardens, Green House Work


May 20 &  21 - Plant Garden Seeds and Plants from Green House


June 3 & 4 - Flower Power Planting and Grooming, Fruit Tree and Fruit Bushes, Weeding, Seed Sorting


June 10 & 11 - Garden Care, Green House Clean Up, Possible processing of Strawberries!


June 17 & 18 - Garden Care, Some Harvesting of Herbals, Maintenance Sacred Circles in the Woods


June 24 & 25 - Preparation for the Annual 4th of Gathering

July 8 & 9 - Making Fermented Foods


July 15 & 16 - Harvest of Veggies with Freeze Drying, Dehydrating and possible Canning


July 22 & 23 - Weeding, Harvesting and Eating of the Bounty from the Garden, Processing Food


August 5 & 6 Let’s Harvest some more Food and Herbals, Cool off with some Work in the Woods


August 12 & 13 The Harvest goes on and so begins the Seed Saving! Possible Honey Harvest


August 26 & 27 - Heck let’s just harvest, seed save and eat some more!


Sept 9 & 10 - Garden clean up, Tend to the Honey Bees, Get Creative in the new Worldly Gardens


Sept 24 & 25 - Sustainability Course, See Class Section for pricing


Oct 7 & 8 - Garden Clean Up, Final Seed Saving, Roast something over the fire!


The above listed dates and projects are to the best of our knowledge depending on rate of growth, weather and simple what needs to get done! Please dress to work, no flip flops, proper garden foot wear, hats, sun protection, gloves, water container, snacks, and a good lunch. Theresa Solak, a staff member, will run the projects on all the above listed dates and Dr. Baker will join projects when she is not working in town. All volunteers should email to confirm their attendance in case there is a change in plans by the Ranch. All emails are checked 3x a week, not daily, so plan head and communicate your intentions as early as you can for best experience.

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