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Sacred Geometry


The great cathedrals of the world, the genius of Leonardo Da vinci, and the mathematical perfection of a snail’s shell are all examples of sacred geometry.  Rather than planting the vegetables in rows, they are grown in circular communities.  The orchard, for abundance, is grown in a figure eight, or loop of infinity, so that its trees are in perfect mathematic measurements apart from each other, yet still in community so that they will produce infinitely! 

Herbal gardens are designed with the same care, understanding that all of creation is in perfect order and that co-creating done on these sacred patterns produces health and abundance.  Many designs are complete, some are ever evolving, and others still await creation from the drawing area of the tea room to the manifestation in the gardens and edible woodlands of the ranch.  In simple translation, they flow from the creative minds of Bessheen and the amazing alumni, such as Dr. Lori Becker and others, then they become reality through the physical application and realistic mechanical genius of staff and volunteers.

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