Annual 4th of July Festival

A Family Friendly, Natural Health, Sustainability, Extravaganza!

Join the Best Festival in the Midwest at Symbiosis Ranch!  Hosting the Naturopathic Community Center's 

Natural Health Independence Freedom Festival (NHIFF) every 4th of July


This amazing, clean, family friendly festival is packed with healthy fun.  Known for its International Speakers, Workshops, Organic Food, Vendors, Children's Activities, Farm Hospitality, Camping, Fireworks, Music, Healing Circles, Moments of Awe, and plenty of time to relax and enjoy the clear skies under our chem trail-free Sacred Space! 

Coming soon: the 2020, July 4th-6th, list of speakers, workshops, vendors, entertainment, and more.

Please enjoy last year's pictures of our speakers, attendees, sacred healing fire, workshops, cook-off, warrior competition, parade, and more!

Amazing Speakers

Don Huber, PhD

Work Shops

Games & Prizes

Music and



The Parade

Sporting Events

Organic Food


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