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Many family members, friends and students of the Naturopathic Institute have enjoyed the incredible health and flavor of the ranch’s beef, lamb, turkey, and chicken products. As our ranch continues to grow, we will focus on the beef sales of Grass Fed Organic Biodynamic Highland Beef. This meat is well known and respected for it’s taste and health values. We are now able to fill beef orders all year round.   



Special Update!  We have two heifer that will be harvested the first of the year (2021).  We will be selling many of them by the "quarter".  This means you could have a freezer of amazing healthy biodynamic beef for only $675 to $850. We also can create smaller bundles of burger, roasts, steaks and even bones.  Please call Bessheen at (989)506-0057 for details and we can reserve one for you now!

Beef Sales

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