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Breeding Stock


Symbiosis Ranch seeks to be the ranch of breeding stock champions! It is our honor to provide other amazing champion ranches, new highland breeders and sustainable family farms with the best breeding stock available. Genetics come from both our own herd as well as the top farms inside and outside of the country. Our attention to detail with animal gentleness, durability, maternal qualities, temperament, structural correctness, feet, udder and size is just the beginning. We also give strict attention to birth weights, weaning weights, and yearling weights.





Need Embryos & Semen?

Grand Champion Bull 2014
NWSS - Trafalgar Yann
Sire: Summit Ranch Ugo 45532
Dam: EZ Acres Pauline 42998

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Symbiosis Lady Graceland
2017 Show Stopper
Sire: Black Watch Elvis 45296
Dam: Black Watch Jewel 45213
STR Iluminada
2014 Heifer of the Year
Sire: Samhach Buidhe 49802
Dam: MBL Fatima 38511
KTF Trillium
Excellent Maternal Leader
Sire: Joys Zoom 41134
Dam: CD Opal 41193
Symbiosis Lady O'Tula
2017 Repeat Winner
Sire: Orison of Culfoich 49237
Dam: Yarnelle Farms Betula 39567
Twinflower Florence 
Historic Champion
Sire: Trafalgar Sampson II 42753
Dam: Bearcreek Apple Anne 37440
Symbiosis Sir Yukon 2018
NWSS Grand Champ Bull Calf
Sire:  Karabin Farm's Tuffy 42152
Dam: Balck Watch Jewel 45213