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Presley 5_21
Symbiosis Lady Presley 1/10/16
Sire: Black Watch Elvis 45296
Dam: Black Watch Jewel 45213
Full Sister to Symbiosis Lady Grace 2019 NWSS -National Champion


Twinflower Florence  5/16/08
Embryo Calf Due April 2021
Sire: Trafalgar Sampson II 42753
Dam: Bearcreek Apple Anne 37440
Embryo Sire: Angus the 8th 

Breeding Services

Birgys April - 4/20/11
Bred to Symbiosis Sir Yukon 57000
Sire: Osceola Turbo 43776
Dam: Wild Rose Tempest 44539
20/21 calves Hope & Pearl solid, white.
Symbiosis Sir Yukon - 57,000 1/18/17
NWSS Grand Champion Bull Calf 2018
Sire: Karabin Farm's Tuffy  42153
Dam: Black Watch Jewel 45213  
All his calves show champion genetics
Lil Red  6/28/16 
Bred to Symbiosis Sir Yukon
(Calf Due Spring 2022)
Sire: Trafalgar Yann Dam: Birgys Louise
Symbiosis Lady Eiko - Heifer
Born 3/11/2021 
Sire: Symbiosis Sir Sam
Dam: Birgy's Lil Red
Lady Clementine - 6/17/19  Heifer
Friendly, Curious, Hobby, Beef 
Sire: Symbiosis Sir Jag 
Dam: HHF Barbara
Pearl 5_21
Symbiosis Lady Pearl - Heifer 
Born 3/18/2021
Sire: Symbiosis Sir Yukon
Dam: Birgys April
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Calves 2021
Spring Calves for 2021
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Semen Available 

Trafalgar Yann (Semen Only)
Undefeated 2014 Nat. Champion Bull
Sire: Summit Ranch Ugo 45532
Dam: EZ Acres Pauline 42998
His Heifer calves have been stunning
Symbiosis Lady LuAnn  3/13/17
Bred to Symbiosis Sir Yukon 57000
Sire: Trafalgar Yann 50300
Dam: STR Lucky One 52253
2020 Calf "Sir Beacon" White, well built for show, he will be a Herd Sire!
Symbiosis Lady Rose - Heifer Calf
Born 4/8/20
Sire: Sym Yukon Dam:
Wild Rose Umber
Very Solid, Showy Heifer, Calm
Symbiosis Sir Granite  4/13/2021 
Son of a Champion
Sire: Symbiosis Sir Yukon
Dam: Symbiosis Lady Luann
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