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Self Mastery Wilderness Training 

We are pleased to be bring Robert Shelley, an experienced survival teacher and enthusiast, to Symbiosis Ranch for a summer of survival classes! Eleven amazing courses will be offered from May to October of 2022.  

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“We need the tonic of wildness. We can never get enough of nature.” - Henry David Thoreau

As a life long child of the land, Robert was raised in the woods. His early days of love for the out-of-doors were formed by his father who was gifted in the wild. Later, Robert enlisted in the US Army, where he served as a Combat Medic in Alaska until his tour of duty was complete. As a father, he taught wilderness skills in his children’s youth group, which lasted several decades and lead to becoming a state level instructor and coordinator.

Robert has traveled throughout Michigan providing training to groups desiring to learn preparations and wilderness skills. He also spent three weeks deep in the jungle of Guyana teaching survival skills and wilderness medicine to a group of missionary bush pilots who served multiple countries in South America.

These and other experiences have led Robert to seek the out-of-doors as a source of healing, peace, and self discovery. Through the years, Robert has become skilled in winter camping, much of which has been solo in the wild. His deep love for nature has drawn him to Shamanic studies, connecting and healing himself on new levels. You are invited to join him on this adventure, create your own story with Mother Nature, and learn the lessons she has to offer us on our journey through this life. Welcome to the adventure.

Specials and Discounts

Students are encouraged to take more than one class and discounts are offered on the registration page for taking multiple classes as an individual or a family.  For example, a parent and 12 year old child or older could take a weekend class together equaling 2 days, then the same or different parent could take another class for a 3 day total.  The classes are one person for one day is equal to "A Day".  The package discounts are for 6 or 11 days, to be used as needed by an individual or family. 

Class Packages - Option 1   $675.00

Select 6 days of Mastery Training, normally $750 and receive a discount of 10%.

Class Packages - Option 2


Select 11 days of Mastery Training, normally $1,375 and receive a discount of 20%.

We will contact you after your purchase to confirm class selections!

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