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Why the Name Symbiosis Ranch?


How can anyone really ever own land? At best, we are stewards; we take care of the land and animals, and in return, they provide for us and in essence, take care of us, hence the name, Symbiosis Ranch. Symbiosis is when all things live in harmony with each other, as each living thing contributes to another’s life cycle. For example, the bee is fed by the flower, and the flower is dependent on the bee to reproduce.  So to do, we live in symbiosis with our plants and animals.


At the Symbiosis Ranch, there is a beautiful exchange of the garden, which feeds the people, and the animals, and the people ‘whom toil ore the garden,’ while the animals contribute with manure and compost waste.  The animals live a life of abundance and loving care, and their by-products and end-products feed and support the expenses of maintaining the ranch. 

Everyday, there is an opportunity to improve some aspect of the cycle.  One way is by enriching the soil with biodynamic, enzymatic preparation made from animal and plant components and spread by human hand. This, in turn, leaves the soil more vibrant and sustainable than when we first arrived. As a result of such great soil, the vegetables grow bolder and healthier.  Then, the cycle enters the people and animals in the same great way: bolder and healthier.  Although this is a simplified version of what we are trying to accomplish, it gives a hint into the respect we have for every aspect of ranching, farming, and being stewards of the land and each other.

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